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Monday, March 1, 2010

Conversations on The Green-Anna Young's Report, Finding The Vision

Please read Landscape Architect Anna Young's report on how to approach the creation of a vision for our Green and Library expansion. For further reading please refer to other "Conversations on The Green" posts. Your comments are welcome and your feedback is essential.

Click below to read Anna's report
Finding the Vision-by Anna Young, LLC, CLA, Senior Landscape Architect at Dewberry


  1. "If Walls Could Talk" ! Caldwell Downtown Alliance aka PROJECT MAIN STREET Design Committee Volunteers sought out and worked with K. Hovnanian at the old Prison to secure Historic Brownstone aka "Jail House Rock" for the Green for structural and historic relevance rather than letting this natural element be pulverized.

  2. We will re-purpose/reuse this amazing Brownstone. The First Presbyterian Church is also of Atlantic Brownstone. The Green was originally given to the township by this church, so using Brownstone in the space is only appropriate and respectful to the landscape. This is beyond what any Township during this economic time could afford and is a gift. Councilman Joe Norton concurred along with all participants on a committee to develop the 'Town Green' into a public space for all to use.

    A local Landscape Architect, Sigrid Morgan, American Society of Landscape Architects and the Council for Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, met with Project Main Street to discuss a concept rendering based on Public Space initiatives to support our Green and accommodate all ages, many uses, grow with our community, and become a usable space. Sigrid provided this complimentary to help the community and idea of a Public Space.

    Part of this concept can be WiFi to the entire Green, possibly a west entrance to the Library from a spacious tiered terrace on the green to the main level of the Library...very civilized and makes good sense. Seasonal celebrations, music, Barista Cart, al fresco activities driven by the our wonderful Caldwell "Carnegie built" Library and other venues appropriate for our Green. This Public Space will be interesting, enticing to many, a meeting place for all, a great place to read a book, open a Lap Top, IPad, grab a bite from a local eatery and enjoy sitting at one of many cafe tables during a lunch break or after dinner. This should be usable space, not just a pass through from Roseland Avenue to Provost.

    A small and interesting reflecting pool with movement will enhance the new public space by offering brownstone bench seating on the pool surround and throughout the green. However, the public space in the middle of the green will not be fixed seating so many venues can be accommodated. Imagine a hot summer Saturday night, having an ice tea, listening to Jazz music while taking a break from shopping about town or after a movie. The College students which abound the avenue now will have a place to connect with their College Town before heading home, to a job, or back to class. Parent of these students visit with their children in The Green before grabbing dinner on the avenue. How delightful that will be!

    Stay tuned for updates in the weeks to come! Project Main provides concepts and delivers solutions for the betterment of Caldwell. We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers to help with these efforts!

  3. Anonymous, was to intentional. It's me! Tammy