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Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversations on The Green: The Caldwell Green has not fulfilled its potential.

This is the first of many posts that will explore the intriguing past and promising future of our Town Green. A few weeks ago, Anna Young, the chief landscape architect of The Morristown Green Renovation, was kind enough to give an informational presentation to The Green Committee, The Caldwell Library, Mayor Gartland, and council members Ann Dassing and Joe Norton.

The following is from Anna Young's presentation: (the images on the left are the Caldwell Green and the images on the right are the Morristown Green)

The Caldwell Green has not fulfilled its potential. Today it is just the shoulder of a busy county road and the border of a parking garage. Improvements can make it a community space that is integrated with the library, proudly embraces its history, and provides a place of respite from our busy lives.

Improvements to the Green should replace this view into the belly of the garage with human scale features. We need to capitalize on the adjacent Community Center and parking as an asset to the Green rather than a liability. Thoughtful placement of seating and reconfigured park space can create an irresistible place to sit.
Improvements to the Green should be designed to bring back Caldwell’s rich history and set the stage for community celebrations.

Carefully placed walkways create an experience while linking destinations.

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