To help preserve, protect, and nurture the economic and cultural vitality of downtown Caldwell through the creation of public and private partnerships.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Downtown - For Today and for Tomorrow

Memorial Day Parade, Caldwell NJ
Welcome friends and neighbors! Something exciting is happening in Caldwell that will benefit all of us in town and in our surrounding communities!

Project Main Street is a nonprofit, non-governmental, community volunteer organization. We’ll be working to preserve our heritage while building the future of our downtown through historic preservation, beautification, green space, and pedestrian friendly projects. We’ll be hosting community events and forming partnerships that will establish a true “center of community” – a destination for our neighbors and new businesses alike.

We’d love you, your family members and friends to join us and have a true voice – by sharing your vision, ideas and opinions on this new blog, by keeping up to date on events and initiatives by becoming a fan on Facebook, or by volunteering your time or talent to one of our committees. Together we will build the future of our downtown by choice, not by chance.

Help us make a difference by joining the conversation or volunteering. Here’s how:

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What changes would you like to see in downtown Caldwell over the next few years? Please comment below!

Thank you for your support!


  1. I'd like Caldwell to be more enjoyable to stroll around - pedestrian friendly with gathering places like small parks, more diversity of restaurants with outdoor dining, and a better mix of shops. And, I'd like to see more charm, character, and a sense of history in renovations that are made. No more stucco and ugly box signs. Our downtown is not a strip mall!

  2. My husband and I are new residents of Caldwell and we are beginning to learn how rich in history this town is. We think it would be nice if there were a small cultural center or museum where those who aren’t aware of its history can learn more. There are beautiful old buildings in town that deserve to be restored to their old charm and character. It would be great if the center of town could have a more charming feel with flowers and maybe even those old street signs. The outdoor dining idea is great and would bring more customers in during the warmer weather. An added variety of restaurants and quaint shops would be nice. Give it a more historic hometown look and feel!

  3. Don't be fooled by what you see today on Bloomfield Avenue. Restaurants aren't allowed to let people dine on the front sidewalks, but you can eat outside in back at places like the Cloverleaf and Stephanie's. (You can see all that if you park in the small public lots, it's like a whole other world!) I recently saw a yearbook belonging to someone who went to school here in the 70s and a lot of the uglier buildings have been here for decades.
    I think we should involve the residents in preservation as much as the business owners. Short Hills hosts orientation meetings for new homeowners, and the Caldwells should as well. How many locals decided over the weekend that they must live on a flood plain, when in fact they may just have old or neglected plumbing? I was lucky to have just put in new safety precautions, while people on my block who had decided against doing the same thing were forced to bail out their basement sinks with buckets. (And no, I don't work in the plumbing business, so I won't stand to make any money either way...)