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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Join the Conversation!

Give us your thoughts on how to make downtown Caldwell a better place.


  1. Would love to see the fronts of the buildings improved - some are badly need of repair and updating.

    I was sad to see the kids shoe store in town close...though the store front was never that great. We made a point to buy our shoes there.

    More stores and fewer nail salons... more places to go with family. A BOOK STORE would be fabulous!

  2. Can we start a Tooling Around the Township? I read about it today in the ledger. It apparently started in Paterson.

  3. I got a flyer for Central Park for a great Mother's Day gift, but when I went to their Web page for it, I got a "not found" error message. Then it occurred to me that maybe Caldwell can do the same thing, next year if it's too late for this year. You pay a dollar a bulb for them to plant daffodils or tulips, and mom gets a certificate. Why leave it up to local businesses to underwrite plantings or hanging baskets, when citizens can make temporary memorials?